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Conservation and Environment in Cambodia: Rapport mensuel

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Rapport mensuel à partir de 2016 (en anglais)

Conservation in Cambodia - Monthly update - August - September - October 2016

The Local Environmental Knowledge Survey, or LEK survey, is a land-based questionnaire aimed at local fishermen and other members of the Koh Sdach community. It contains questions regarding types of fishing gear used and fishing effort, landings of sharks, rays, turtles and seahorses, and various discussion topics about the change in fishing effort, fish stock quality and pollution in recent times.

Conservation in Cambodia – Monthly update – May – July 2016

Together with the volunteers and our youth group, Green Protectors, we prepared for World Oceans Day which took place on 8 June. It was the first time that we celebrated at the local primary school. We made three different stations for each activity; arts and crafts, recycling and beach clean-up.

Conservation in Cambodia – Monthly update – March – April 2016

The Marine Pollution presentation exists in the form of a projected Powerpoint display which details topics including; Marine Pollution Overview, The Origins of Plastic in the Ocean, Microplastic and its potential problems for humans, Ghost Nets and their removal, “Refusing, Reducing, Reusing and Recycling,” Trash Management and Community Clean Up Projects. During the presentation volunteers are encouraged to ask questions about the issues raised and talk about possible solutions.

Conservation in Cambodia – Monthly update – January – February 2016

The project continued to conduct many underwater and coastal clean ups throughout January and February. Through DAD activities 169.8 Kg of trash was removed from local Coral Reef sites and on land we gathered 115 Kg of trash and 50.1 Kg of recyclable plastic bottles and Aluminum cans.

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