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Projects Abroad Human Rights Office – Cape Town, South Africa – Monthly Reports

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Monthly Reports from 2016

Monthly report - April 2016

This month South Africa celebrated Freedom day on the 27th which commemorates the day on which the first democratic election was held in South Africa. This is indeed a significant date for us who work in human rights; however, we did not hold any event in the light of the current caseload we are attending to.PAHRO staff and volunteers have had to draw on all their strength reserves to cope with the increase in clients but huge decline in volunteer numbers. Despite the challenge, we have managed to pull through and we are grateful for the volunteer input.

Monthly report - February-March 2016

Every now and again volunteers moot on a case that is currently on going at PAHRO and has been set down for trial. The purpose of this is for us to play devil’s advocate to our own case by building a case for the prosecution in the light of the case we have for the defence. This enables us to be suitably prepared for trial. Our first moot of the year was scheduled for Friday 12th of February 2016.The teams for the prosecution and defence constituted four human rights interns on each side.

Monthly report - January 2016

PAHRO reopened on the 4th January 2016, our start to the New Year was somewhat slow, this is because our projects partners had not all resumed and our volunteer numbers were very low. Nonetheless, this gave the staff time to catch up on much needed administrative duties and put into effect the plans we made for this year. As we look at 2016, PAHRO seeks to improve its level of professionalism by raising the standard in both our client and project management.

Monthly Reports from 2015

Monthly report - July 2015

The school holiday programme, which took place at Siyakhatala, ran from 29 June to 17 July 2015. Around 200 children from the local township attended the programme, which was organised by our volunteers. The volunteers prepared workshops and interactive games; they succeeded in keeping the children off the township streets during their school holiday.

Monthly report - June 2015

The June report talks about the domestic violence workshop, which was held to explain how to identify different forms of domestic violence, about the consequences of violating someone’s human rights through such acts and what recourse they should take if they were to find themselves in the victim’s position.

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