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Coach Cricket and Volunteer Abroad

Gap Year volunteer plays cricket at a school in Togo
  • Role: Improving the skills of local players individually and as a team by participating in training sessions and giving practical advice in schools and community centres.
  • Requirements: None
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When most of us think about cricket our minds conjure up images of flat green fields, with gentle ripples of applause flowing through a relaxed and appreciative audience. The backdrop to cricket in the developing world couldn’t be more different, with uneven pitches responsible for many a batsman’s worst nightmare, and energetic crowds that we might more commonly associate with a game of soccer than a leisurely cricket match!

But cricket in the developing world, as in the developed, relies on a continual supply of young talent. Coming through the ranks of amateur levels, young cricket players keep a country successful on the international stage and maintain the public level of interest. By volunteering on a Cricket Coaching project you will be playing a part in safeguarding the sport’s future by developing its young talent.

But you are also doing so much more! By simply getting involved in training and engaging the children’s interest you are enhancing their quality of life, and that of the wider community. Through playing cricket, the children learn important lessons about teamwork and discipline, which carry over into their everyday lives. You are also providing them with a welcome distraction from their day-to-day existence, which may often involve hardships that we would find difficult to imagine.

Volunteer Cricket Coaching Abroad

Volunteer coaches school children on a Sports project

If you have a passion for Cricket then you could volunteer as a cricket coach abroad. You do not have to be a professional player or coach to get involved; all we require is a solid knowledge of the intricacies of the game, and a desire to impart this on others. You can volunteer abroad on a Cricket Coaching project on your gap year, career break or as part of an extended vacation.

Cricket is a fantastic game because it has a unique capacity to involve players with a whole range of different abilities, giving each one a role to play, which contributes to the overall success of the team, without ever having to isolate those who lack confidence in their abilities.

The game can be played in various forms depending on the numbers, equipment and space available, and this adaptability means it is ideally suited to schools and clubs that lack resources. The fundamental skills of batting, bowling, throwing and catching are incredibly easy to pick up and also easy for a coach to develop in their students, which makes volunteering abroad as a cricket coach a very rewarding project.

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