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Build your resume

Build your resume

The international experience that you will gain with Projects Abroad will be a great skill to add to your resume for future job applications. Today, it is not enough to have done an exchange one semester abroad to make a resume unique. But who can boast about experience working in China, India, Ghana, and Peru? Even the ability to finance and fundraise for your project abroad will demonstrate your determination skills and ability to persuade.

The volunteer projects and internships Projects Abroad offers will boost your resume with references and work experience out of the ordinary.

Perhaps more important is the opportunity to:

  • Broaden your horizon,
  • To develop the famous "soft skills" as sought by recruiters, such as
    • Sense of responsibility,
    • Initiative,
    • Perseverance,
    • Teamwork
    • Adaptability
  • Practice and face new demanding situations only encountered abroad
  • Adapt to a completely different society and culture,
  • See and experience something completely new compared to what you know

Based on our own experience, but also that of our volunteers, the skills you gain from volunteering abroad with Projects Abroad will be useful in your everyday life.

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