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Projects Abroad Global Shark Campaign

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Volunteer Shark Conservation in Fiji with Projects Abroad

The Projects Abroad Global Shark Campaign is giving volunteers from any background and any age the opportunity to help with the conservation of shark and marine life.

We are embarking on a campaign in 18 countries across 4 continents. The aim is to raise awareness and provide research and data to contribute to the conservation of all shark species. You can play a vital role in this process by volunteering with Projects Abroad or simply spreading the word.

On this page you can read about the following:

Why Protect Sharks?

Where Can I Volunteer with Sharks?

How to Raise Awareness for Shark Protection

International Shark Research and Fieldwork

How Can I Volunteer to Protect Sharks?

Why Protect Sharks?

 Volunteer Shark Research with Projects Abroad.

Sharks are being killed at a rate of 138 per minute due to humans, mainly for shark fin soup and sport fishing. They are crucial to the health of the ocean’s eco-systems and approximately 70-100 million are taken out of the ocean each year.

When most people hear the word ‘shark’, they think of the movie Jaws and monster great white sharks. In fact there are over 500 species of shark, some of which are very small and some have been around for millions of years.

As top predators they are crucial for the oceans to remain healthy. When we remove top predators entire eco-systems are in danger of collapse, causing huge damage to our oceans

Where Can I Volunteer with Sharks?

Our headquarters for this campaign will be in our pioneering shark conservation project in Fiji. Here volunteers and staff will be doing everything from tagging sharks and setting under water cameras, to running education programs with local people. We are also improving mangroves where shark pups spend the first part of their life.

This project started in January 2014. Our volunteers will be trained in diving to PADI Open Water level and in Project AWARE shark specialty diving. This will then allow for all volunteers to contribute to shark conservation both under the water and above.

How to Raise Awareness for Shark Protection

Volunteer Teaching Conservation with Projects Abroad

There is no doubt that sharks have something of an image problem. We believe that through raising awareness and running educational programs, the next generation can learn the truth about sharks and the importance of shark conservation.

As part of the Global Shark Campaign, we will be running awareness campaigns in 18 countries across 4 continents. Our aim is to reach hundreds of schools and people of all ages. These campaigns will range from running workshops with local fishing communities to teaching kindergarten groups the importance of sharks and their conservation.

We will be receiving help from our volunteers on various projects, including those on our Teaching placements and Conservation & Environment projects.

International Shark Research and Fieldwork

Volunteer Teaching Conservation with Projects Abroad

In addition to our awareness campaigns and the work taking place at our Fiji HQ, our volunteers will also be able to contribute to important research and data collection in other destinations. Projects Abroad has marine conservation projects operating in Thailand and Cambodia, which will be taking on an important role in our global campaign.

How can I volunteer to protect sharks?

If you would like more information on any of the projects mentioned here or are interested in taking part in our Global Shark Campaign you can contact us.

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