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Conservation and Environment in Cambodia: Rapport mensuel

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Rapport mensuel à partir de 2015 (en anglais)

Conservation in Cambodia - Monthly update - November - December 2015

During the months of November and December both our Coastal Clean Ups (CCU's) and our Dives Against Debris (DAD's) recovered significantly more waste than the previous few months. Indeed, the two months saw the greatest amount of trash and recyclable material removed from local beaches for any recorded period to date.

Conservation in Cambodia - Monthly update - September - October 2015

The last two months have been both quiet and very productive. During September, we have developed a new programme for the Green Protectors about marine organisms and ecosystems. This improved version of our previous programme is more visual with better structured subjects for easy learning, which starts with basic concepts and gradually turns into more complicated knowledge.

Conservation in Cambodia - Monthly update - July - August 2015

The past two months have been quite different from the previous ones. We couldn’t conduct many underwater surveys due to the stormy weather, but it has been a very productive period for our community initiatives.

Conservation in Cambodia - Monthly update - May - June 2015

During May and June, we found the biggest discarded net so far drifting along the ocean. We also released a hawksbill sea turtle back to the ocean after it was found entangled and drifting on a ghost net left by a fisherman.

Conservation in Cambodia - Monthly update - March - April 2015

During the past two months, we have continued with our reef surveys and added more variables to our studies of coral reefs, such as turbidity and sedimentation rate. A programme to assess the coral health (CoralWatch) was added, which is conducted mainly by short-term volunteers.

Conservation in Cambodia - Monthly update - January - February 2015

These months have been very productive for our project. Since we started at our new site in December new activities and programs have been implemented and the methodologies improved. Our volunteers learn and help in every aspect of the project, and each of them leaves us a memorable “footprint” that remains for the new volunteers to come.

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