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Volunteer Abroad during a Gap Year

Are you considering taking part in a gap year program after high school or college? We offer volunteering projects that can make your gap year one to remember. By volunteering abroad during your gap year, you can spend time and energy to help in a specific area of need, and impact a community abroad. Not only will you help others, but your time abroad will allow you to develop personally while learning more about the world.

A visit to Machu Picchu was one of the highlights of this volunteer's global gap program in Peru

We offer hundreds of diverse volunteering opportunities across 30 destinations countries.

You are bound to find the right project to suit your interests or skills. Depending on what you are passionate about, you can choose between our many projects, which include:

  • caring for children
  • protecting the environment
  • teaching English to second language speakers
  • looking after animals

If you need help choosing from our many projects or internships, contact us and we can help you choose.

Reasons to Volunteer Abroad on a Gap Year Program

We have highlighted a few reasons how volunteering abroad during your gap year can be a positive life decision.

1. Choose a career path

Test your skills in a particular field of interest to discover if it can be an option as a future career. We offer internships in:

2. Gain practical experience

Our projects and internships allow you to work in a professional work environment to gain practical experience. This is beneficial for resumes and future job or college applications, and will allow you to get ahead in your career.

3. Learn about the developing world

Our projects are placed in developing countries around the world where local people have vastly different lived experiences that you might not be used to back home. Spend time in a different environment to broaden your social and cultural horizons.

4. Gain travel experience and see the world

A gap year can be the best time of your life to travel and discover some of what the world has to offer. Before settling into a routine job or further education, volunteer abroad to become an international citizen, take part in daily life activities in a different country, discover a country’s beauty, experience its cultures, and most importantly, make a positive difference.

Volunteer Abroad on a Gap Year Program

We are flexible, and can help you customize your own volunteer gap year program. You can choose to spend a longer period of time at one placement, or explore several project placements by choosing our combinations option. You can volunteer for any period of time, from one week to several months.

On most of our projects, the longer you choose to volunteer, the greater the impact you will have, and the more memorable your experience overseas will be. We therefore encourage volunteers, especially gap year volunteers, to spend a longer period of time on a project.

Finding the funds to travel can be a challenge. We have put together some tips on how you can look to find funding for your trip, or how to budget wisely before and during your trip.

Global Gap: Specially designed program for a Gap Year

We offer a fully organized eight-month program called Global Gap which takes pace in five different destination countries. Our Global Gap volunteers visit Ghana, South Africa, Peru, Nepal, and Thailand, and work at a diverse set of placements which will include caring for children, building schools, teaching, and conservation.

Meet one of our Gap Year Volunteers

Robby Kirkham “Initially, I was worried about travelling so far from home, especially being immersed into such a different culture; however, as soon as I landed in Peru, I realized my worries were unfounded. Someone from Projects Abroad met me at the airport and there was continual support from the office throughout the duration of my placements. My host family, the teachers and students of the school, the Projects Abroad staff, and even the general public were all so accommodating that I will forever be indebt to them and hope to someday return to visit them. My Projects Abroad placements have shaped my life. Before travelling to Peru, I was uncertain about my future, but I came back with a strong interest and passion for both teaching and conservation. My time in Peru was without a doubt a life changing experience and one of the best of my life to date. My only complaint is that my stay was too short – I could have easily spent another six weeks at both placements.”

Robby Kirkham
Teaching and Conservation in Peru

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