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What is included in the prices?

Projects Abroad volunteers finish painting a building at their placement in Fiji, South Pacific.

Our prices include all your food, accommodation, insurance (for ages 65 and under), and back up. We have set prices on a weekly basis. See the prices page for more details.

The backbone of our program is MyProjectsAbroad.


The full organization of your project: including a supervisor at your placement and worthwhile work to do. If you are volunteering on a Standard Project, all necessary work-related transportation costs will be covered by Projects Abroad.


Local host families are carefully selected because they are friendly, welcoming and will go out of their way to look after our volunteers. Where we can't provide host families we place our volunteers together in secure accommodation.


We will ensure you are provided with 3 square meals a day; you can't work on an empty stomach!


During your time in-destination, all of your necessary work-related transportation costs will be covered by Projects Abroad.


We have nearly 700 trained staff worldwide. In every country we have an office run by an experienced Overseas Director, trained in the United Kingdom. Staff can be contacted 24 hours a day.

They are responsible for your general well-being and liaise with your placement, accommodation and our staff in North America and the UK. See also Safety & Back-up.


Travel and medical insurance is included automatically (for volunteers age 65 and younger); you are covered no matter where you are from or where you are going. This can be extended on request to cover other travel you may be doing.

It is important that you carefully read the policy, especially regarding pre-existing medical conditions, to check that the cover meets with your needs. Our current insurers can only provide coverage for volunteers up to age 65. Volunteers ages 66+ will need to obtain alternative travel and medical insurance. For further information, please contact us.

Project Contributions

Money is distributed across our placements and is put towards developing new ones. It is done on a case by case basis, you can call us to discuss this further.

What is not Included in the Cost?


We can arrange these for you or you can book them yourself. Either way, our staff will be waiting at the airport on your arrival.


These will vary by destination and your vaccination history and choices. We can give you informal pointers but recommend you consult a family doctor in the first instance.


These vary hugely. We will give you full advice on obtaining a visa, but it can be a surprising extra cost. We have a rough guide to what to expect here.

Spending Money

We can give you a rough guide to what you might spend.

Police Check

We can give you advice about which projects require a police check and how to arrange one.

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