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Projects Abroad Press Room: Media Coverage

Media Coverage

With our diverse programs, broad appeal and seasoned experience, Projects Abroad lends itself to wide range of potential media coverage. Below are a few examples of various past coverage. For a complete list of clips see our Press Mentions section.

“Projects Abroad for Spring Break”

February, 2017, Global News, Canada

“University student Oliver Flint joins Global’s Kelly Greig to talk about Project Abroad, alternative spring break projects for students who want to volunteer around the world.”

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“Want to help rebuild Nepal? Projects Abroad is organizing relief trips”

May, 2015, Los Angeles Times, United States

“More than 7,200 people have died in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, and the need for aid continues to be desperate. Projects Abroad is heeding the call for help.”

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Rudy Maxa's World

March, 2015, Rudy Maxa’s World, United States

Thomas Pastrorius, Head of Global Recruitment for Projects Abroad, was a guest at the Rudy Maxa’s World radio show with Rudy Maxa. The interview starts at 24:08.

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Los Angeles Times logo


“Want to give high school students the world? Projects Abroad can help”

February, 2015, Los Angeles Times, United States

“Gap years have become popular for high school students who want to take a year off and see the world before starting college. But for students short on time who want a meaningful travel experience, Projects Abroad can fill the gap.”

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“How To Volunteer To Help Those Affected By Typhoon Haiyan”

November, 2013, NY1, United States

“The inquiries and the requests, how can I help, how can I go abroad, has really skyrocketed lately,’ says Rachel McMillan, a program adviser with Projects Abroad. Projects Abroad, with an office in New York City, operates trips for volunteers who want to pitch in on relief and care efforts in 29 developing countries around the world.”

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“New York Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough”

June, 2011, NBC, The United States

“Projects Abroad Vice President Tom Pastorius speaks about the Global Gap program on New York Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough.”

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“Skip the Diploma: Alternatives to College”

April, 2011, Fox Business, The United States

“As an alternative to school, one way to get life experience and travel the world is by volunteering for an overseas or domestic organization. Getting a more global view of life can help students gain perspective about what they want to do. 'By going abroad, you get the opportunity to step outside the insular world that you grew up in and put it in a greater context,' says Tom Pastorius, vice president of Projects Abroad.”

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“Ask Trip Coach: Volunteer Vacations”

September, 2010, Budget Travel, The United States

“Stay with a local host family. Mine lived in South Africa and endured apartheid. We had some incredible talks that made my experience so much better.' —Emily Dennis, 24, of Nashville, Tenn., who volunteered at a human rights firm in South Africa in 2009 with Projects Abroad”

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“Frequent Flier”

August, 2010, The New York Times, The United States

“I am the last business traveller who actually loves flying and airports. I always try and take a slightly different route when I go places, and I even plan all my trips in great detail. I’ve really learned to keep everything in perspective relative to travel. I must because I’ve had so many bizarre and sometimes wonderful experiences.”

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“Dining and Destinations”

April, 2010, WNWR-AM, The United States

Dr. Peter Slowe talks about Projects Abroad's volunteer opportunities

Listen to the audio file

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“Turn Tots And Teens Into Voluntourists”

April, 2010, Shermans Travel, The United States

“Because the projects are so varied, families who want to find the right volunteer match should have a 'long and serious discussion with us about what you hope to get out of the experience,' says Dr. Peter Slowe, Projects Abroad’s founder and director.”

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“Haiti quake sparks interest in 'voluntourism”

March, 2010, CNN, The United States

“When the going gets tough, the compassionate get going. The January earthquake in Haiti prompted a spike in interest in service vacations, sometimes called "voluntourism," several organizations reported it received 46 percent more applications than expected since the earthquake.”

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