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Projects Abroad Celebrates 25 years

Significant milestone for world leading volunteer organization

A Projects Abroad High School volunteer helps a young Sri Lankan boy improve his writing.

A Projects Abroad High School volunteer helps a young Sri Lankan boy improve his writing.

TORONTO – August 23, 2017Projects Abroad is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month. In more than two decades, the company has connected over 100,000 volunteers with communities around the world to make a difference through service work. Since its founding, Projects Abroad has sent volunteers to 38 countries across five continents to impact communities and the environment in various areas of need.

Founded in 1992 as a part-time start-up from his home, Dr. Peter Slowe began Projects Abroad to assist a small group of students wanting to travel and teach English in Eastern Europe. Fast forward to 2017 and the number of volunteers has grown beyond all expectation. Projects Abroad has more than 600 staff members employed around the world, with offices in 47 countries. Every year, about 10,000 volunteers travel to one of Projects Abroad's 30 destination countries to take part in service activities. "If you ask me, did I ever dream we would send 10,000 volunteers a year around the world, yes of course I did, but I had no idea that it was ever going to get so big," says Slowe.

Projects Abroad's program categories have grown into a diverse set of options for volunteers, catering for all ages, many interests, and various skills or qualifications. They can include teaching, caring for children, conservation, medicine & health care, building, sports, human rights, and more. Projects Abroad has also tailored projects for specific age groups over set dates, including their High School Specials for teenagers, Grown-Up Specials for volunteers aged 50 and over, Alternative Spring Break trips for college students, and even Winter Break Trips for anyone wishing to experience the turn of the year in a different country.

A growing desire to help others, gain skills, and experience a different part of the world, are factors contributing to Project Abroad's success. "Many people see problems in the world and they want to find a way to contribute, but they don't know how. We have managed to provide that link to make things real and possible for people to do so, and I think that's basically our success," says Slowe.

Projects Abroad wishes to continue growing in years to come for their reach and impact to stretch to further corners of the globe, to benefit more people. They invite all to join them on the pursuit to make the world a better place for all.

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