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Volunteer in Asia

As a volunteer in Asia with Projects Abroad, you will be directly supporting communities in need while discovering this incredibly diverse and vibrant continent. 

Our programs run year round and opportunities to volunteer in Asia are available to volunteers of all ages and experience levels. Whether you want to volunteer in Asia during your gap year, career break, or your vacation, you will find the perfect program in an Asian country to suit your interests!

Volunteer in Asia: What can I do?

Volunteer in Asia gets an introduction to Bogo City in the Philippines.

Asia has many different regions with distinct cultural, historical, and religious identities. Projects Abroad arranges volunteer and internship placements throughout much of Asia and our programs are incredibly diverse in terms of the type of work that you can do. As a volunteer in Asia, you can teach English in Myanmar or China, care for children in Vietnam, or Nepal, preserve the environment in Thailand, live and learn from a Nomadic family in Mongolia, and more!

What is it like to volunteer in Asia? 

While you volunteer in Asia, you will also have free time, giving you the opportunity to travel and tour other regions. Whether you want to white-water raft in the foaming glacial rivers in Nepal, visit stunning Buddhist templeas in Sri Lanka, or sample local dishes in Shanghai, we can guarantee you won’t be is bored!

The experience continues from your work to your living accommodations. In most countries like Mongolia, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines we arrange host family accommodation. You'll find the local families incredibly welcoming and they will doubtless be eager to find out all about you and your life back home, allowing you to immerse in their cultures. A few of our destinations in Asia have dorm style accommodations such as Cambodia, Vietnam, and China. This will give you the chance to be part of a close-knit volunteer community. 

Check out some stories from our former volunteers to get a better sense of a volunteer program in Asia.

If you are interested in interning in Law & Human Rights, Medicine & Health Care, Microfinance, or other fields in Asia, please visit our Intern in Asia page.

Projects available for Volunteer in Asia

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