Our programs in India are closed until further notice. However, you can still join one of our amazing projects in nearby Nepal or Sri Lanka.

If you've got your heart set on India, get in touch and we'll let you know when we're accepting volunteers again.

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Volunteer Teaching in India

UPDATE: India Programs closed until further notice

Teaching English and Other Subjects
  • Placement locations: Jaipur
  • Types of schools: Elementary and High School
  • Age of students: 11 - 17
  • Class sizes: 30 - 40
  • Role: Teacher or teaching assistant (English, French, Math, Science)
  • Requirements: None
  • Extra-curricular roles: Art, Drama, Music, Sports
  • Accommodation: Host families, Shared volunteer accommodation
  • Length of placement: From 2 weeks
  • Start dates: Flexible

Since its population passed the one billion mark, India’s economy has boomed, and its labour market has found itself much in demand from all manner of foreign companies looking to outsource work or benefit from the cheap manpower.

Despite the fact that you will find English speakers throughout the country, the standard of conversational English teaching in public schools is usually poor. The students may know about English literature and are better at grammar than most native-speakers, but they find it hard to make themselves understood and therefore lack the confidence to speak English. Without strong English skills, they miss out on higher salaried jobs that go to those who can afford a private education.

Volunteering abroad as a teacher in Jaipur, India is an ideal way to help redress this imbalance. You can gain invaluable international development work experience without any previous skills and you do not need any TEFL training or certification. Whether you are volunteering in India during your gap year, career break, or a volunteer vacation, you will have a crucial role to play on one of our teaching projects.

Volunteering as a Teacher in India

Volunteer helping kids with classwork on the Teaching project in a school in India

In India, Teaching volunteers are placed in schools in Jaipur. Facilities in these schools are often basic - you may find yourself with little more than a blackboard and a piece of chalk. But with one of the school's English-speaking teachers as your supervisor and the support of our Projects Abroad India staff, you may be surprised at how quickly you gain confidence and make progress.

As a Teaching volunteer, you will play a vital role in improving the spoken skills and future options open to the children and teachers at the schools where we work. You can teach younger children or teenagers but whatever the age, you will find that the students are eager to learn all about your culture and your life back home, and taking advantage of this enthusiasm is the first lesson you will learn in your quest to improve their spoken English and comprehension.

Volunteers generally find that teaching practices in India have remained the same for years - the children usually learning by rote and copying out sections of text. By singing songs, playing games and generally making the lessons more interesting, you will bring the subject alive and witness the children growing in confidence and ability.

There are also opportunities to teach French, mathematics, science, and physical education in schools in Jaipur if you would like to do something in addition to teaching English. In many cases, you can specialize in teaching other subjects. Please let us know if you are interested in this option when you apply.

Volunteering at a Teaching Placement in India with Projects Abroad

Every month, Projects Abroad presents workshops to support volunteers and provide training related to their work at placements. If you have any special requirements, we are always happy to help you out with extra resources.

Whatever your skills, as a volunteer in India you will make an important contribution by improving students’ spoken English and giving them the confidence that comes from being able to communicate with a native speaker. It is likely to be an experience neither you nor they will ever forget. You will also be part of a much larger volunteer network, which is making a hugely positive contribution to the wider community.

Twice a month Care, Teaching, and Sports volunteers join forces to serve the community in Jaipur. The teams work together to tackle a variety of community issues. These could include the setting up of a library, the creation of learning tools, or participation in local sporting events. Volunteers are welcome to suggest other ways in which they would like to help.

This project is available for less than a month if you don't have time to join us for a month or more. This project has been selected by our local colleagues as being suitable for shorter durations for both the host community and the volunteer. Although you will gain valuable cultural insight and work intensely within the local community please be aware that you may not be able to make the same impact as someone participating for a longer period.

Teach French Teach IT Teach Physical Education

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