Our programs in India are closed until further notice. However, you can still join one of our amazing projects in nearby Nepal or Sri Lanka.

If you've got your heart set on India, get in touch and we'll let you know when we're accepting volunteers again.

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International Nursing Internships in India

UPDATE: India Programs closed until further notice

  • ROLE: To work in a number of different departments learning from the knowledge and expertise of skilled local staff
  • ACCOMMODATION: Host family
  • LENGTH OF PLACEMENT: From 2 weeks
  • START DATES: Flexible

A volunteer nursing student with one of her senior patients in India

Interning on a Nursing project in India with Projects Abroad you will see a medical and healthcare system that in many ways reflects North America but is interspersed with local influences. You will also come across tropical diseases rarely encountered outside of the developing world and conditions that have not been diagnosed until they reach advanced stages.

As a Nursing intern in India you can gain experience in a variety of areas, including the ICU, in-patient ward, theater, dialysis unit, and the diabetic ward. You can also help in the maternity department. While as an intern your role is mainly observational, if you show enthusiasm and become a valued member of the team, you may find you are given more to do.

The hospitals can get very busy and your itinerary may change daily, so the breadth of knowledge and experience that you can receive in India is extensive. You will be working with hospital staff who enjoy the opportunity to impart their specialized knowledge to enthusiastic interns. The doctors and nurses will be happy for you to learn from them and to answer your questions.

Interning as a Nurse in India with Projects Abroad

Our Nursing placements in India are located in Jaipur. Nursing internships usually involve rotations between different departments, but if you would like to specialize in one area, we can arrange for you to concentrate your time in a particular department at one hospital. A placement specializing in Ayurvedic treatment is also available.

The medical team organizes periodic visits to other centres in Jaipur as well, including a centre for traditional medicine, a mental health centre, and a leprosy clinic. Normally once a month we also organize a community outreach project. This could be focused on areas such as geriatric care, community health nursing, or tropical diseases.

Most interns live with local host families who will show you true Indian hospitality. You will also be able to meet with other Projects Abroad volunteers during your time off and explore Northern India.

Nursing internships in India are available for shorter periods than 4 weeks. While you will be able to gain valuable medical experience on a short-term trip, we recommend staying for a longer period to allow yourself more time to get to know the local medical system, see more of a variety of conditions and procedures, and develop stronger relationships with local medical staff.

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