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Volunteer OverseasVolunteer Overseas

Professional Volunteer Opportunities for Dentists and Dental Nurses in Jamaica

  • POSITION: Dentist
  • REQUIREMENTS: Qualified dentist or dental hygienist
  • ACCOMMODATION: Host family
  • LENGTH OF PLACEMENT: From 2 weeks
  • START DATES: Flexible

A dentist volunteering in Jamaica works with children at a dental outreach.

As a Registered Dentist or Dental Nurse, you will be able to work in dental clinics, occasionally mobile clinics, and on community outreaches.  In addition to our ongoing year-round project, this year we will be running a special dentistry program in partnership with Child’s Smile.The program will run from August 11th to August 25th, 2018. We need the help of professional dentists and dental nurses to help children in rural communities get the dental care and treatments that they desperately need.

The majority of children in rural communities in Jamaica cannot afford to go to a dentist and have never received any dental treatment. In the last two years, the dental team has provided care to over 1000 children. In 2014, far more children turned out than the dental team could attend to. With your help, we can ensure that more children have access to important dental services.

You can start on any date, and the minimum duration of your placement is 2 weeks.

Here you will find answers to the following questions:

How can volunteer dentists and dental hygienists help in Jamaica?

What will I gain from this project?

What will Projects Abroad provide?

What skills or qualifications do I need?

How can dentists and dental nurses help in Jamaica?

We need the help of dentists and dental nurses to make this dental outreach program a success. You will work with the dental team, and depending on your skills you can work on various tasks. Your work as a professional during the Child's Smile program, or if you volunteer during another time of year, will leave a lasting impact in the community where you are placed.

Professional Dentists will:

  • Carry out dental examinations and diagnose patients' dental conditions
  • Extract teeth
  • Provide fillings
  • Clean, scale, and polish teeth
  • Complete fluoride applications
  • Take part in oral health education sessions
  • Engage in community dental outreaches as scheduled

Professional Dental Nurses will:

  • Ensure all dental instruments are correctly decontaminated
  • Set up for patients
  • Provide the Dentist with the correct instruments and equipment
  • Serve as an assistant to the Dentist during treatment, by passing the relevant equipment and instruments to him, in the same vein retracting and aspirating if necessary
  • Mix and prepare materials
  • Write patients' notes efficiently and correctly as dictated by the Dentist
  • Monitor patients from entering the room, during treatment and after the surgery/procedure
  • Offer reassurance and support to patients
  • Greet patients and check them in
  • Take part in oral health education sessions
  • Engage in community dental outreaches as scheduled

This Child's Smile program will be held in rural communities where the dental clinics are set up in school rooms, church halls, or community centers. The services are advertised and children are asked to register and attend on specific days.

What will I gain from this project?

This project will allow you to gain experience of dental practice in the developing world. You will be able to work alongside trained professionals and they will want to share ideas. You will also see techniques and diagnoses which may be unfamiliar to you. This is all part of working in a foreign country and can be a useful learning experience.

Through working with patients and local staff, you will learn about the Jamaican culture and way of life. They will want to hear about your life back home and your family and friends. We call this the ‘cultural exchange’ and we think it helps our volunteers gain a new perspective on life.

What will Projects Abroad provide?

We have over 20 years’ experience of running volunteer projects. We provide you with the following support to make sure your time in Jamaica is successful and enjoyable:

  • Safe accommodation in a host family.
  • 3 meals a day.
  • Friendly and dedicated local staff available to help 24 hours a day.
  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure.
  • Medical and travel insurance.

What skills or qualifications do I need?

We are looking for qualified dentists, dental hygienists, and dentistry students to help with this program.

If you are interested in joining a dentistry program at other times throughout the year, then please read about our standard Dentistry project in Jamaica.

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