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International Journalism Internships in Ghana

  • Placement location: Accra
  • Placement Types:Print, Radio, Broadcasting
  • Role: To gain first-hand experience at a Ghanaian newspaper, TV or radio station.
  • Requirements: None
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Length of placement: From 4 weeks
  • Start dates: Flexible

Interning abroad at a Projects Abroad Journalism placement in Accra, Ghana, is a great place to either start or broaden your career in journalism. As the centre of politics and official life in a key democratic West African state, there is always something worth writing about. Most of our Journalism interns live and work in the city of Accra. You do not need any experience to participate on this internship, but you do need to have an interest in journalism and any journalistic or media experience you have will be beneficial to your placement.

As an intern on one of our Print Journalism placements, you will get an insider's view of how publications are run, and you will also have the chance to put together an impressive portfolio. Alternatively, a Radio or Television Journalism placement offers you the chance to gain useful broadcasting or production experience.

Office where journalism interns work in Ghana

In Ghana, you will get an insight into the workings of the media in a new cultural and political setting while also gaining valuable work experience which will enhance your resume and increase your prospects within the highly competitive journalism industry.

Print Journalism Placements in Ghana with Projects Abroad

A Journalism intern works at his broadcast placement in Ghana.

Working for a newspaper in Ghana will give you experience of a busy newsroom, the skills to cope with deadlines and exacting editors, and the chance to experience life at the heart of Accra. You will also come home with a unique portfolio and a new understanding of the relationships between media, politics, and audience.

Placements for experienced interns are available with Ghana’s two leading dailies – The Mirror and The Daily Graphic. Both are government owned but the press in Ghana enjoys a substantial amount of freedom and limited restrictions.

Your supervisor will be one of the more experienced journalists at your placement and will help you settle in. Then, armed with a press pass, you are free to research whatever you wish. We advise you read up on West African life before you arrive so you are fully prepared. This is a great program for interns interested in politics and social issues, and even sports. You may well find yourself at a soccer match, reporting on the game!

Radio Journalism Placements in Ghana with Projects Abroad

Intern learns to use radio equipment on the Journalism project in Ghana

Live FM, Radio XYZ, and Radio Atlantic are just some of the stations where our interns have been placed. Some stations offer predominantly talk-based shows, while others focus on community programming, news, and music. Radio XYZ has a specific interest in radio documentaries. If you choose to take part in a Radio Journalism placement, you could find yourself on air on your first or second day.

All stations are broadcast to a large audience and are very popular - interns have been recognized on the streets of Accra from the sound of their voices! You might help produce a show, read the news, participate in debates and talk-shows, or go out on the streets to ask people for their views on specific topics. One intern recently had his own sports program to present. Be eager and interested and you'll be rewarded with a variety of work and lots of footage to take home.

Television Journalism Placements in Ghana with Projects Abroad

Intern hosts a television broadcast on the Journalism project in Ghana, Africa

Our final type of Journalism placement involves working with television stations in Ghana.

The first TV option is with Metro TV, a private, free to air television station based in central Accra. Established in 1997, it is a station with a particular focus on sports news and events with a large viewing audience.

Your placement supervisor at Metro TV, the senior news reporter, will ensure that you gain first-hand experience of the daily activities of a TV station. You will begin the placement with an orientation period after which you will be involved with tasks such as reporting and scripting news programs. You will have the opportunity to work in various departments, such as sport, entertainment, and business.

Depending on your previous experience and knowledge of broadcast journalism, there could be the possibility of presenting on live television or appearing as part of a discussion panel. You will also gain experience of producing and editing programs.

We can also accept TV Journalism interns at Coastal Television Station in Cape Coast. This is a community television project implemented by the Centre for Intercultural Learning, Talent, and Development within the Central Region of Ghana.

Volunteer Profile Cassandra Zoro
Cassandra Zoro
I returned home with so much more going for me than when I had left. I had some real hands on journalism experience which really made me stand out from the crowd, and I had much more confidence in my abilities as a journalist, as well as a totally new outlook on life! Read more...

The station produces educational programs about a diverse range of areas including health, the environment, conservation, poverty reduction, career opportunities and motivation, gender issues, education, human rights, and democracy. Interns can go out into the field to film events and collect footage from within the Central Region before editing and putting together actual programs back at the station. This project is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to gain practical program making experience and your own ideas for new programs will be encouraged.

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