Volunteering Abroad for High School Students


Seize the opportunity to travel, make a difference, and meet new people as a teen volunteer abroad! If you're 15-18 years old, we have programs designed especially for you. 

Our volunteer opportunities abroad for high school students offer: 

  • Itinerary-driven experiences
  • A safe and supportive environment, with in-country staff available to you 24/7
  • Opportunities to gain college and career readiness skills
  • Organized social and cultural activities where you can build friendships with people your age from around the world  

In addition, all of our service trips for high school students have fixed dates. You choose the dates that fit perfectly into your summer break plans!  

Our High School Specials focus on experiential education - education through experience. So whichever summer volunteer abroad program for high school students you join, you'll learn by doing. This could be helping kids learn through play, or observing doctors in busy hospitals to prepare you for a pre-med track in university. Tell us your interests, and we’ll help you find a volunteer opportunity for teens that best suits you.

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Projects Abroad interns working at an outreach during our medical internship for teenagers in Nepal
Medical Internships in Nepal for Teenagers
See this project
  • Price: $2,885 CAD for 2 weeks
  • Extra Weeks: $585 CAD
  • Start Date: During school break
  • Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
  • Ages: 15-18
A high school student takes a child's blood sugar measure on our medical internship in Peru
Medical Internship in Peru for Teenagers
See this project
  • Price: $3,335 CAD for 2 weeks
  • Extra Weeks: $585 CAD
  • Start Date: During school break
  • Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
  • Ages: 15-18
A doctor explains how to take healthcare measures on our medical internship for high school students in Tanzania
Medical Internship for High School Students in Tanzania
See this project
  • Price: $3,335 CAD for 2 weeks
  • Extra Weeks: $585 CAD
  • Start Date: During school break
  • Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
  • Ages: 15-18
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What are High School Specials?

High School Specials are work abroad programs designed specifically for young adults. 

With that in mind, you can expect to:  

  • Participate in a well-organized high school international summer program that makes a real impact on communities
  • Take part in socials that spark new friendships and ensure you have fun
  • Receive 24/7 support from our trained supervisors
  • Live with a friendly host family or at local accommodation with a supervisor
  • Explore a new country and culture through organized activities and a weekend trip

On a personal level, you will: 

  • Step out of your comfort zone and engage with a group of diverse people from around the world
  • Develop global competencies like communication, teamwork, and time management 
  • Improve your problem-solving skills through different situations
  • Get a better understanding of global issues

Curious about how much of an impact you can really have as a young student? Read our popular blog about the difference our teenage volunteers made in 2018

If you don’t think a High School Special is right for you, and you want a more flexible and independent experience, take a look at our Flexi Trips. You can read our full list showing the types of volunteer trips we offer here.

Volunteers paint a jungle gym in Kenya while volunteering abroad under 18.

Will I have an itinerary?

Yes! You’ll be given an itinerary ahead of your trip. As a teenager volunteering abroad, you’ll know things like: 

  • The project schedule 
  • Social activities
  • Meal times
  • Community outreach days

You’ll also have constant contact with your supervisor, who will give you updates if anything changes. You’ll always have an idea of what’s going on and what’s expected of you during your project.

On our volunteer opportunities for young people, an itinerary is included as part of the pre-departure kit, so you can plan your trip better. For example: 

If you’re on a Childcare & Community High School Special, bring your favorite English children’s book to use during a reading session. If you’re going to court as part of your Law or Human Rights High School Special, pack your smartest outfit. If you’re at a medical placement, bring scrubs and a notebook. Or, if you see a Salsa dancing social evening, pack your workout kit and dancing shoes!  

Have a look at our example itinerary to get a feel of how we operate. Each of our volunteer abroad programs for under 18s has its own itinerary. If you have any questions, chat to our Project Experts.   

Escorted Flights for High School Students

Occasionally, we send a staff member to chaperone outbound and inbound flights for students coming from (or transferring through) New York (JFK). You can choose to fly with our chaperone for no additional charge, or you can choose to fly your own route instead. Please note that we’re not able to offer escorted flights for all High School Specials

Our next escorted flights (outbound and inbound) will be offered on these service trips for young adults:

Volunteers who join the following projects will only be escorted on their outbound flights:

Please note that the above dates refer to specific youth volunteering opportunities overseas. Flight dates may vary slightly due to airline schedules.

Need some help?

We’d be happy to talk about creating a custom program for you! Most of our staff have been volunteers themselves, so they’re ready to answer your questions, big or small.

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