A family volunteering abroad together help run a fun educational activity outside for Kenyan school children.

Volunteer Trips for Families

Travel with your family and volunteer in a local community and become part of our long-term efforts to make a difference

Give your children a greater appreciation for travel and helping others or protecting the environment on a family volunteer trip to a developing country. As a parent, you only have a few short years to shape your family’s outlook on the world. Use this time to go abroad and experience the power of giving back as a family.

As a family volunteering abroad, you’ll become part of our ongoing efforts to make a difference. Whatever project you do, you’ll be working with us toward our long-term, sustainable goals. You won’t be part of a quick fix.

This is an opportunity for your family to build meaningful connections, with each other and the local community. You’ll work directly with our in-country staff and our partner organisations on the ground. It’s a great way to experience the culture and learn about the traditions first-hand.

With our hassle-free approach, we’ll focus on the finer details of planning a trip abroad. This gives you more time to focus on your family and the work you’ll do.

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Why should my family volunteer abroad?

A service-learning trip for families gives the time to connect as a family unit and develop a new sense of appreciation for each other. Each member of your family will come to realize their potential, build meaningful connections with other volunteers, and contribute to long-term, sustainable goals.

Here are some more benefits of family volunteer vacations abroad:


  • Share a love of travel: As a family, this is the perfect opportunity to travel, meet new people, and see new sights together. An experience like this will give you a newer perspective of the world and the challenges people face everyday.   
  • Take part in experiential learning: The best lessons in life come from experience. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your children about the world. They’ll learn from the people they meet, from their observations, and from you directly. Turn a service-learning trip for families into a lesson that your children will never forget.
  • Bond with your family: Use each moment on your family volunteering trip to strengthen family ties and create new memories together. With so much to do on your trip, there’s guaranteed to be less time spent on digital devices, and more time spent being a family.

Our favorite projects for families include:

Our Project Experts can advise on which projects are the best fit for your family.

A mother and daughter volunteering overseas together help paint a classroom in Tanzania, Africa.

How will my family be supported?

With dedicated in-country staff around the world, we can provide your family with a hassle-free experience. We provide:  

  • Visa advice
  • Accommodation
  • Three meals a day
  • Project activities
  • In-country airport pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Ground transportation to and from your project
  • Health and travel insurance

We will also support families with children of various ages:

  • We can accept volunteers aged four years and older with their families. Contact us if your child will be under the age of four at the time you want to travel and we can discuss the options available.
  • Ages 4-14: Children between 4-14 years old can be accommodated and work with their parent(s) for a reduced fee.
  • Ages 15+: If your child is aged 15 or older, he/she may volunteer without the accompaniment of a parent at the standard per person price.
  • We offer a 5% discount to immediate family members traveling together. This discount applies to adults and children aged 15+.
  • We can usually arrange projects for families in all destinations except China and Costa Rica.
  • In Jamaica, families are welcome. However, children cannot go to work with their parents here, so one parent needs to look after the children, or childcare can be arranged.