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Mission Trips Canada

A Senegalese child receives basic medical treatment from a Projects Abroad volunteer on a program similar to a mission trip.

In Canada, “mission trip” is a phrase commonly used to describe an international volunteer program. The words used to describe our volunteer projects are not nearly as important as the people who dedicate their time and energy to volunteering abroad.

Our volunteers are people from all walks of life – from high school and university students to retired professionals – who want to help others and contribute to sustainable development. Whether you call it a mission trip or volunteer program, you will be able to devote your time to meaningful work and make a tangible difference to communities in need.

Projects Abroad offers a wide range of volunteer and internship programs in developing countries that are suited to those looking for an experience similar to a mission trip. Our North American staff will help you find the project that suits your exact interests and goals, and while you are abroad, you will have the full support of our local staff in-destination. Your safety and well-being are our priority.

Mission Trips and Volunteering Abroad – What is the difference?

A child attending Projects Abroad’s vacation classes in Fiji gives a Care volunteer a hug at a program similar to a mission trip.

Projects Abroad is a secular organization and we are not affiliated with any political or religious organization, nor are we affiliated with any creed or faith. Our volunteer programs are 100% funded by the program fees that paid by the volunteers themselves.

We accept volunteers from around the world, embracing a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs. We believe that this diversity makes our programs more productive and enriching for every volunteer involved and creates an international community of volunteers. Together, we have a positive impact on the people we serve and set our own lives on a more meaningful course.

Mission Trips and Globalization

Through volunteering abroad, you will actively contribute to the local community and help nurture a developing economy in your chosen destination. In fact, employing local staff abroad and using their talents and knowledge is crucial to our success and fits our mission and values.

Projects Abroad volunteers are able to help strengthen developing countries by dedicating their time and unique talents. Whether volunteers are caring for children at a care facility, bringing medical care to underprivileged areas, or building schools and homes, every minute they spend and every person they meet is one step closer to a better world.

Volunteers also benefit greatly from our programs, as they have the opportunity to explore a new culture and country first-hand while effecting meaningful change and gaining worthwhile experience. In the age of the global economy, we believe creating a world of mutual respect and understanding is what cultural exchange is all about.

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