A group of volunteers abroad spend an afternoon learning about Masaai culture in Tanzania, Africa.


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By Thom Brown 24th April, 2024

What is clinical experience (and how do I get it)?
What is clinical experience? Learn why you need it, how you can get it, and why the best experience could come from completing your pre-med program abroad.
Pre-med abroad

By Hannah Doyle 19th April, 2024

Why do a pre-med in the developing world?
Our top five reasons why pre-medical study abroad programs in the developing world make perfect sense…
Pre-Med preparation for medical school

By Thom Brown 27th March, 2024

What do medical schools actually want from pre-med students?
Want to find out what medical schools really want from pre-med students? Discover the three pillars that will boost your chances of becoming a medical student.
Develop AAMC Core Competencies as a pre-med student

By Thom Brown 26th March, 2024

What are AAMC Core Competencies (and how do I get them)?
Discover how you can demonstrate the AAMC Core Competencies to supercharge your medical school applications. Build your future career in medicine today.
Teen volunteering and internships abroad

By Dave Harding 13th March, 2024

Teen volunteering abroad: Make a difference and travel the world!
Discover High School Specials: Volunteer and intern abroad trips tailor-made for teens! They’re fun, structured, and fully supervised during the school holidays.

By Projects Abroad 08th February, 2024

Solo female travel: Fall in love with traveling alone
Get the best advice for solo female travelers. Discover tips for solo travel for women, including staying safe, making friends, and exploring with confidence.
Older volunteers abroad

By Thom Brown 17th January, 2024

Fun, Friendship, and Fearless Travel
An interview with veteran volunteers, Joan and Carolyn. We discuss the adventures they've had and the advice they'd offer to aspiring volunteers and interns.

By Thom Brown 10th January, 2024

Best volunteer abroad programs in 2024
Discover the best volunteer abroad opportunities worldwide. Travel the world, learn new skills, help others, and make friends when you choose Projects Abroad.

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