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Every child deserves an education


At Projects Abroad, we believe that every child deserves an education. Every day across the developing world, our volunteers are shaping futures by participating in Teaching Projects. Join us as a volunteer teacher anywhere in the world and use your skills and fluency in English to make a difference in classrooms abroad. No previous experience or TEFL/TESOL certification is needed to participate.

Planning ahead for Spring 2017


Hundreds of students in Canada have begun planning ahead for Reading Week 2017. Do something different and volunteer abroad with us on an Alternative Spring Break Trip! Programs are available throughout February and March, and if none of the set dates suit you, we also have a range of standard programs available for one week.

Places still available to volunteer over winter break


Volunteering abroad for the winter holiday season is becoming more popular, and places on Winter Break Trips are filling up fast! You can choose from different options, from volunteering at a summer camp in South Africa to interning at a hospital in Sri Lanka. If you have a very short time available, we also have a 1-week program in Jamaica. Anyone can join and you can sign up by yourself or with friends, family, or partner.

Give the gift of learning year-round as a volunteer


The majority of schools in Laos are under-resourced, which results in high drop-out rates and unequal access. As a volunteer, you can make a significant impact by using yourself as a resource at these schools. You will help raise literacy levels and improve conversational skills, which is a wonderful way to give the gift of learning year-round!

Celebrating the spirit of the Olympic Games year-round


Sports have always brought people together and helped build stronger communities. Now that the 2016 Olympic Games are coming to an end this weekend, we are calling for volunteers to continue spreading the Olympic spirit as sports coaches abroad! From basketball to soccer, you can help disadvantaged kids and young adults develop their confidence, talent, and athletic ability.

Mandela Day: Support children in South Africa


Next week on July 18th, thousands of people will devote 67 minutes of their time to serving others in honor of Mandela Day. You can honour his legacy as a volunteer in South Africa by helping to increase literacy levels, promoting early childhood development, and offering emotional support and care in day cares and kindergartens.

Help refugees and migrants in Italy


The refugee and migrant crisis in Europe has become critical. To help the thousands of refugees and migrants in need, Projects Abroad has partnered with local NGOs, including the Red Cross, to launch a new Refugee Project.

Summer 2016: Limited places available


Summer break is just a month away! If you are scrambling for last-minute plans, our High School Specials are great for teenagers eager to experience adventure, travel, and cultural exchange while giving back to others. There are a few remaining places left for the summer.

How will you celebrate Earth Day?


Our volunteers are celebrating Earth Day every day by working year-round to protect vulnerable eco-systems. In Costa Rica, volunteers recently contributed to the annual Meso-American Bat Survey. This research unites scientists across borders and highlights the significant role bats play in reforestation, which supports vital conservation efforts.

Cyclone Winston: Disaster Relief efforts begin in Fiji


Tropical Cyclone Winston, which struck Fiji on February 20th 2016, left a trail of destruction in its wake. The storm has claimed at least 43 lives and damaged or destroyed thousands of homes. We have begun working with local authorities on a Disaster Relief Project and we desperately need your help to rebuild schools and homes in the worst-affected areas.

Thirteen abused animals rescued in Peru


In December 2015, our Peru Conservation team, along with government officials, police, and Animal Defenders International (ADI), raided an informal Peruvian zoo and successfully rescued 13 animals! The animals had been forced to live in appalling conditions. Two of the animals – spectacled bears Lucho and Sabina – have already joined Cholita at the Taricaya Ecological Reserve, where they will live out their lives in comfort and peace.

New Year, New Destination: Laos


We are proud to announce that in 2016, we will begin welcoming volunteers to Laos! With an abundance of natural beauty, Laos is a popular tourist destination. Unfortunately, the country is also extremely underprivileged and volunteer assistance is crucial. Starting in April, we are offering Care and Teaching projects for those who want to help.

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