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Projects Abroad Offers Volunteer Programs for Students Choosing to Take a Gap Year Before University

Organization offers high school graduates the opportunity to explore the world and make a difference before starting their studies.

A Projects Abroad volunteer conducts a medical checkup at a community outreach in Guadalajara, Mexico.

A Projects Abroad volunteer conducts a medical checkup at a community outreach in Guadalajara, Mexico.

TORONTO – April 15, 2015 – An increasing number of students in North America are choosing to take a gap year before university to spend time travelling, working, exploring their interests, evaluating their life goals, and devoting their time to meaningful activities. With international volunteer organization Projects Abroad, high school graduates can bring purpose to their gap year experience and use their time to give back to others by volunteering abroad.

“There are a variety of reasons why more and more students are choosing to delay going to university in favor of a gap year,” says Tom Pastorius, Head of Global Recruitment for Projects Abroad. “After a school career spanning twelve years, many feel the need to take a break from the academic grind and they seize the opportunity to explore their interests in a new space, outside the constraints of the school system. Others feel the need to renew their focus and bolster their resumes with useful experience at the same time. Whatever the reason, embarking on a gap year gives students the space and freedom they need to grow and mature. A gap year abroad gives them the chance to see the world and be at the forefront of cultural exchange.”

Deferring university to embark on a gap year is an exciting but understandably daunting decision. Projects Abroad is happy to help students every step of the way, giving them the necessary support and information to make planning a gap year a stress-free and fulfilling experience. The organization has a number of options for gap year students who are interested in volunteer programs and internships in developing countries, whether a student has chosen to do a full gap year abroad or just a few months.

The Global Gap program is a pre-designed gap year program for a group of gap year students to volunteer together throughout the course of an academic year (eight months). The group travels together to five countries - Ghana, South Africa, Peru, Nepal, and Thailand – to participate in a wide variety of service projects, including Care, Teaching, Building, Conservation, Human Rights, and more.

For students who would prefer to customize their gap year, Projects Abroad offers standard programs which allow students to choose exactly what they want to do, where they want to go, how long they want to volunteer for, and when they want to start. This gives gap year students tremendous freedom when planning their gap year and they can participate in programs in countries across the globe.

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About Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad was founded in 1992 by Dr. Peter Slowe, a geography professor, as a program for students to travel and work while on break from full-time study. The program had its genesis in post-USSR Romania, where students were given the chance to teach conversational English. After a few years just sending volunteers to Eastern Europe for teaching, the company expanded to sending volunteers of all ages around the world on a wide range of projects.

Projects Abroad is a global leader in short-term international volunteer programs with projects in 27 countries and recruitment offices in the UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Holland, Hong Kong, Norway, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden and the United States.

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