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Volunteer OverseasVolunteer Overseas

Student Volunteer Abroad

In Canada, volunteering abroad and interning abroad are becoming increasingly popular options for students in high school and university. Each student has various reasons for spending time overseas and in our experience we have found that most are interested in:

Projects Abroad Teaching volunteer teaches a kindergarten class in Heredia, Costa Rica, as part of her student volunteer abroad experience.

  • Learning more about global issues and cultural exchange
  • Using volunteering abroad as a way to explore and travel
  • Gaining experience beyond what any textbook and classroom can offer
  • Adding new skills to resumes
  • Actively making a difference in the lives of those in need
  • Experiencing cultural immersion first-hand and building their language skills

Projects Abroad offers numerous student volunteer abroad opportunities across the world, from Africa to Asia, throughout the year. We have hundreds of different projects that cover a wide range of fields and students can select one or several programs that best fit their interests, personal goals, and skill levels. For example, pre-med students applying to medical school often opt for an international medical internship to strengthen their applications, and students looking to enter careers in Early Childhood Development or teaching choose to participate in a Care or Teaching Project.

With flexible start dates and durations, students can choose when they want to join and leave their project, from as little as one week. Most of our programs require no previous experience or special skills and students can join a Standard Project from the age of 16.

Student Volunteer Abroad: Group Trips

Projects Abroad teenage volunteers on a High School Special in Romania enjoy a hike.

A group trip is a great way for students to explore the world together with their peers and friends. Projects Abroad has options for students seeking a customized group trip experience with their classmates or friends. We can also organize group volunteer trips for students in middle school.

For students looking to sign-up for a group trip on their own or with friends, we have plenty of options:

  • Students ages 16-19: our High School Specials take place from 1-4 weeks on fixed dates in the summer, spring, and winter. These trips are specifically designed for teenagers and first-time travellers and volunteers have constant guidance and supervision. High School Specials are also helpful for contributing to community service credit requirements.
  • Students ages 18-22: each spring, we have trips catering for university students who want a different Reading Week experience. Alternative Spring Break Trips are one week long and helps students use their short break to do something meaningful.
  • Students of all ages: a Winter Break Trip is a good choice for students looking to escape the winter chill and participate in worthwhile volunteer work. Students can join trips for either two or four weeks.

Volunteer Abroad as a Student

Whichever option you choose as a student volunteering abroad, you will become part of a volunteer community committed to positive change and sustainable development throughout the developing world. Your student years are a time of learning and discovery – take advantage of the opportunity to volunteer abroad and expand your horizons!

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