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Nomad Project in Mongolia followed by Khmer Culture Project in Cambodia

Projects Abroad volunteer helps local nomads cook in Mongolia, Asia.

Spend your time abroad in two incredibly diverse cultures in Asia. Begin by living with a nomadic family in a ger tent in the remote Mongolian steppe, a few hours outside the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. Then travel to Phnom Penh to immerse yourself in the traditional Khmer way of life.

When to go:

Projects Abroad is based in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, and Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

This program is great for a March/April departure, when the weather is pleasant in both Mongolia and Cambodia. The weather in Mongolia is starting to get warm, though temperatures can still be cool out of the sun. In Cambodia, it is generally warm and tropical all year round, but November to April is the dry season.

How long:

We recommend joining each project for at least 2 weeks.

Program description:

Volunteers on the Mongolia Nomad program live with a nomadic family in a ger about 100-120km southeast from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city. Nomad families don't speak English, so all volunteers receive a Mongolian-English phrase book.

Before going out to the gers, volunteers are taken to the local market to get a "dell" - the traditional set of clothes for local nomads. Food is also purchased to take out, so we can cater to different diets. Our local staff also makes regular visits to check up and bring supplies.

Daily life includes:

  • Looking after livestock
  • Making traditional foods and dairy products
  • Gathering wood and water
  • Teaching spoken English
  • Playing sports and riding horses

There are some opportunities for women to help cook as well. Unfortunately men aren't always able to do this since this may offend local women. Working and living on our Nomad Project in Mongolia allows you to learn about a unique group of people, as well as experiencing a way of living that has barely changed in a thousand years.

Projects Abroad volunteers harvest rice with locals on the Khmer project, Cambodia.

Next, travel to Southeast Asia where you will explore Khmer culture and traditions on a unique program in Cambodia. You will learn more about the kingdom of the Khmer, and the state that existed before modern Cambodia- one of the most powerful in Southeast Asia. Each day is different, and some activities include:

  • Khmer language lessons
  • Cooking classes
  • Traditional music and dance classes
  • Puppetry
  • Clay pot making
  • Visiting cultural and historical sites such as museums or temples in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap

Volunteers may even spend a couple of days living with a family in a rural village community. Depending on the time of year, volunteers in this community will have the chance to help with the rice planting or harvest, and can help local children with basic English classes. Accommodations are typically in Phnom Penh in apartments with other volunteers, in a guesthouse when visiting Siem Reap, or with a local family.

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Nomad Project in Mongolia for 2 Weeks
Khmer Culture Project in Cambodia for 2 Weeks
Sub-Total: $6,105CAD – 10%*
Total: $5,494CAD

Additional costs include flights and visas where applicable. Read more about what's included on our Prices page.

*Explanation of pricing: When you sign up for projects in two or more countries, you will get 10% off each program fee (except for Language Courses and Add-Ons)

For more information about the pricing for this project and other combined projects, check out our prices page.

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