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Volunteer OverseasVolunteer Overseas

Teaching in Kenya followed by Community Village Project in Tanzania and Building in South Africa

Maasai mara men herding their cattle down a road in Endulen, Tanzania.

Help out on a combination of community projects in three friendly, English-speaking African countries. Teach English in a primary school in Kenya, then help on our unique Community Village Project in Tanzania. Finally, get your hands dirty working on our Building Project in Cape Town, South Africa.

When to go:

Projects Abroad is based in Endulen, Tanzania, Nanyuki, Kenya, and Cape Town, South Africa.

We recommend starting your trip in September or February, but any time of year is great for all three of these programs! Kenya and Tanzania are pleasant year round, and ending your trip in South Africa in November or April will be a lovely time of year, just as its getting warmer for southern summer or cooler for southern winter.

How long:

4 weeks on each project.

Program description:

Nanyuki sits at the foothills of Mount Kenya, about 4 hours from Nairobi. There is a great need for volunteers here, especially since legislation in 2003 made school obligatory. Students are generally ages 4-18, and class sizes can be over 30 students. As a Teaching volunteer, you will work alongside local teachers in a primary or secondary school assisting with English lessons. Volunteers can also help with other subjects, including:

  • Math
  • Creative Arts
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Physical Education

Projects Abroad Teaching volunteer leading an exercise in her classroom in Nanyuki, Kenya.

The Community Village Project in Tanzania is based in the heart of the Ngorogoro Conservation Area in the village of Endulen, about 1 1/2 hours from the nearest town, and this project offers a unique insight into the Maasai tradtions and way of life. Volunteers join in with a variety of work which varies day to day but typically entails:

  • Teaching English
  • Building and repair projects
  • Helping the Maasai with daily tasks like collecting wood, water, making jewelry, and cooking.

Then travel to the  Building Project in Cape Town, South Africa which serves an informal settlement (a township) with residents of mixed African nationalities. Current building structures are generally in poor shape, with many homes made from scrap metal, tin, misshapen wood or any material that the people can find to build with. There is a great need here for safer and more sustainable structures.

Our plan is to construct a community center that contains: 

  • A day care
  • A temporary safe house for abused children and women
  • An after-school training centre for the older children to take math and science classes
  • A dining hall with a soup kitchen

So far 70% of the building structures have been completed with toilets, washing areas, paved courtyards, and patios. We hope to use this prototype community building structure for future developments in and around Lavender Hill township in conjunction with the neighboring nature reserve.

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Teaching in Kenya for 4 Weeks
Community Village Project in Tanzania for 4 Weeks
Building in South Africa for 4 Weeks
Sub-Total: $11,790CAD – 10%*
Total: $10,610CAD

Additional costs include flights and visas where applicable. Read more about what's included on our Prices page.

*Explanation of pricing: When you sign up for projects in two or more countries, you will get 10% off each program fee (except for Language Courses and Add-Ons)

For more information about the pricing for this project and other combined projects, check out our prices page.

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