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Volunteer in Southeast Asia

As an international volunteer in Southeast Asia with Projects Abroad, you will have the opportunity explore diverse countries and choose from a variety of projects. At present, Projects Abroad operates programs in Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Each of these destinations is rich in cultural traditions and ancient teachings that many of our volunteers find very captivating. No matter your choice of destination or project, you will have an important role to play and your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Volunteer Programs in Southeast Asia

Volunteers can participate in a plethora of diverse programs, it does not matter if you are interested in teaching, medicine, conservation or working with children we can find the perfect program for you. Many of our volunteers are people who have decided to take some time off and instead of going to a hotel or resort they decided to dedicate themselves to helping others. So whether you are taking a gap year, career break, volunteer vacation or just decided you needed a change of pace, we appreciate the time and energy you are spending to participate in one of our international volunteer programs in Southeast Asia.

Volunteer Opportunities in Southeast Asia

Street scene in Thailand

Southeast Asia has so much to offer our volunteers outside of their assigned projects. Projects Abroad volunteers are encouraged to explore neighbouring countries and immerse themselves into the different cultures. Learning about the different foods, religions, and histories in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand are just some of the things volunteers can do during their leisure time.

To engage our volunteers further, they are placed with host families whenever possible. This way our volunteers are given the opportunity to ask questions and experience a new culture in the most intimate way possible, as part of a family. With each country and culture being so diverse and unique, we advise our volunteers to take plenty of pictures. This way all the memories can be forever captured in a cascade of still-frame moments. Read about the memories our volunteers shared here.

Projects available for Volunteers in Southeast Asia

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