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Public Health in Peru Alternative Spring Break Trip

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  • ROLE: Participate in medical outreaches and conduct public health campaigns in a local community
  • ACCOMMODATION: Host family

On medical outreaches, Public Health Alternative Spring Break volunteers in Peru conduct check-ups in local communities

Have a meaningful spring break with Projects Abroad by volunteering on our Public Health Alternative Spring Break Trip in Peru. You will raise awareness around important health issues in underprivileged communities, and provide basic medical services.

In Peru, inequality remains a serious issue, despite the government’s attempts to reduce the gap. Many communities face unhealthy living and working conditions, and many do not have proper access to health care services. Due to inadequate education in some parts, some are not informed about common illnesses and the dangers of various medical conditions.

You will have an important role to play in communicating important information to those you reach on outreach programs, and the medical services you provide will have a lasting impact on individuals and the communities you reach out to.

Your role on the Public Health in Peru Alternative Spring Break Trip

As a Public Health volunteer in Peru, you will spend the majority of your time working with qualified medical staff on medical outreaches in local communities, although you will also spend some time at a clinic. Your tasks on outreaches will vary, depending on the needs you are tasked to address, and can include the following:

  • Checking vitals, like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and heart rates
  • Observe local staff discussing diagnoses and treatments with patients
  • Teaching mothers with young children about nutrition and healthy recipes

During your week abroad, you will also be involved with three public health campaigns. These campaigns run in public schools, orphanages, kindergartens and local community centres. The topics you will focus on for these campaigns are:

  • Dental and personal hygiene
  • Nutrition and the importance of healthy eating
  • How to prevent disease

Traditional medicine is still common in Peru. You will get the opportunity to attend a workshop to learn about the history of traditional medicine such as different treatment methods and which medicinal plants are used.

You will live with a local host family while in Peru who will welcome you into their home for the week of your stay. This is an excellent opportunity to experience daily life and to learn about local culture and ways of living for Peruvians! You will get to learn some Spanish with our introductory lesson, which will help you settle in more comfortably.

Free time while in Peru for your Alternative Spring Break

We have planned much for you to do during your free time to make sure you get the most out of your stay in Peru. You will explore the city of Cusco, take salsa lessons, experience traditional Peruvian dance at the Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo, and spend a day discovering the breath-taking Machu Picchu!

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