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Human Rights Internships in Togo

  • Placement location: Lomé
  • Role: To work alongside local staff on worthwhile projects that aim to help those living in one of Africa’s poorest countries
  • Types of Placements: Partner Human Rights organizations
  • Requirements: Interns need intermediate French
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Length of placement: From 2 weeks
  • Start dates: Flexible

A Human Rights internship in Togo with Projects Abroad is a great choice for students and graduates looking for international experience in the area of Human Rights. Whether you are a student considering a law degree or a law graduate looking to gain some practical work experience, a Human Rights internship will add meaningful experience to your resume and give you an insight into human rights awareness practices in a developing country.

A group pf Projects Abroad Human Rights interns attend a conference in Togo.

Togo is amongst the world’s poorest countries and has received its fair share of criticism over its human rights record. Today many local and international organizations are working to improve the situation of the poor, repressed, and vulnerable within the country. Since trouble-free parliamentary elections took place in October 2007 many people are confident that during the next few years Togo will make further progress in human rights and democratic governance.

As a Human Rights intern, you will have an important role to play in this progress. Your precise role will be determined by your knowledge and level of interest in specific areas.

The main language of communication in Togo is French. Interns must speak intermediate French to be able to participate fully in this internship.

Interning on a Human Rights Internship in Togo

Interns in Togo work with various partner associations in Lomé.

Did you know? During 2005 national elections in Togo, many who protested during the elections suffered repression, imprisonment, and incarceration without trial. As a result, many organizations were set up to help these people, and work towards making Togo a more democratic and transparent nation.

Your role as an intern is to assist either team with the treatment of individual cases, awareness projects, and/or conducting research. Your responsibilities will depend on your previous experience as well as your interests and initiative.

There are many areas of Human Rights that need attention in Togo. You may join projects dealing with the following issues:

  • Children’s rights
  • Women’s rights
  • Prison conditions
  • Police accountability
  • Electoral transparency

A Human Rights volunteer interviews people in the community to get information for a case in Togo.

One of the main aims of this project is to help raise awareness so that ordinary Togolese people understand their rights, and what protection they are legally entitled to in certain situations. Your role in this might involve various activities such as:

  • Raising awareness in rural communities
  • Preparing leaflets, posters or educational tools
  • Running training programs
  • Planning promotional campaigns

We work with professional organizations, therefore you may sometimes have deadlines or you may be asked to represent your organization at meetings and other events. Your work will be an important contribution toward the growth of human rights in West Africa.

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