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Summer Abroad

Summer participants abroad

By spending your summer volunteering abroad with Projects Abroad, you will have a great opportunity to put your time into a meaningful and rewarding program.  We offer a wide range of opportunities and regions to suit your interests, and with more than 600 trained staff in our destinations and over 100 types of projects, we are one of the leading international volunteer organizations.  It is because of our thousands of volunteers and interns who work abroad every year that we are able to offer so many different options and make such a difference. Our primary responsibility is to our participants and we take this very seriously.  Projects run year round and dates are totally flexible; summer is by far the busiest time!

Summer Abroad Programs

Summer participants abroad

Whether you participate in a summer internship, volunteer project, High School Special, or a language course, your time and efforts will be greatly appreciated and you will have a positive impact on your community.  With Projects Abroad, you will provide help for people and places that desperately need you. You will also meet other volunteers from all over the world who share your commitment and desire to make a difference. We are an international organization, and we sincerely hope that we bring more cross-cultural understanding into the world. Volunteering with us is a great way to put your summer to good use!

Summer Abroad Benefits

By joining one of our summer volunteer programs, you will not only provide aid and community service to your chosen community, you will also help nuture a developing economy.  As an open and modern volunteer organization, we create local employment wherever we send volunteers.  In fact, employing local staff overseas and using their talents and knowledge is vital to our success.   Local knowledge and support enable us to channel the skills of our volunteers and interns to regions around the world where they are needed. Volunteers learn from their summer placements and the people they meet while gaining experience in a chosen field.  In the age of the global economy, we believe this mutual respect is what cultural exchange is all about.

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