Intern Abroad

As an international intern you will not only provide beneficial aid and value to your placement, but you will also help nurture a developing economy. Interning abroad will help you boost your resume, gain skills and real-world experience in a particular field, and engage in meaningful cultural exchange. Projects Abroad will arrange your placement so that you provide new benefits and services for organizations in developing countries. In the long run, Projects Abroad interns bring more cross-cultural understanding into the world.

Projects Abroad offers internships abroad in various fields. Through our intern abroad programs, your time and efforts will be greatly appreciated and your role will be important.

Intern Abroad Opportunities

  • Medical Interns Abroad with Projects Abroad
    Medicine and Healthcare
    Medicine and Healthcare interns learn alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals in local hospitals or clinics in the country they've chosen. They learn about the medical world in general and explore the challenges faced when practicing medicine in a developing country. Our medicine internships abroad allow you to focus on a number of different areas including general medicine, nursing, physical therapy, midwifery, medical electives, and more.
  • Law and Human Rights Intern Abroad with Projects Abroad
    Law and Human Rights
    Interning abroad on a Law and Human Rights placement provides interns with the opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge of the human rights abuses that occur around the world, take an active role on campaigns and legislation to raise awareness, and work closely with community leaders and human rights lawyers to eliminate these abuses.
  • Journalism Intern Abroad with Projects Abroad
    International interns on a Journalism program learn directly from experienced journalists how to further their own writing and reporting skills. Volunteers who intern abroad on a Journalism project work at a range of print and broadcast placements including newspapers, magazines, and radio and TV stations.
  • Business Interns Abroad with Projects Abroad
    Those interested in Business gain experience in various fields including accounting, marketing, human resources, public relations, and more. Interns gain skills, knowledge and experience essential to their future career.
  • Veterinary and Animal Care Intern Abroad with Projects Abroad
    Veterinary Medicine and Animal Care
    By interning abroad on a Veterinary Medicine & Animal Care placement, volunteers further their interests or studies in the animal care field. Interns gain knowledge about veterinary care and the treatment of local animal populations.
  • Anthropology Intern Abroad with Projects Abroad
    Use your knowledge in Anthropology to provide information and resources for interns at the Projects Abroad Human Rights Office in Ghana.