A group of Girl Guides from the UK on a volunteer trip to Mongolia meet a local group.

Club & Organization Group Trips

International Volunteering Projects for Clubs and Organizations

Projects Abroad offers group trips for various community groups and organizations, such as:

  • Boy and Girl Scouts
  • Youth Groups
  • Student Council
  • Religious organizations

These trips allow individuals and friends from various locations to come together with others from within the same organization to volunteer on a project that's tailored to them. This is a great opportunity for people who share the same interests to meet each other and get involved with volunteering work that will benefit communities and ecosystems all around the world, as well as themselves!

Organizing volunteer placements that provide assistance to areas in need has been at the heart of what we do, ever since we started in 1992. In particular, the last decade has seen us increasingly focus on providing unique opportunities for groups to get involved, and various youth groups have been a big part of this. Leaders around the country are increasingly understanding the impact that these types of trips can have. Whether it’s giving them a new perspective on life, teaching them new skills, or providing them with the opportunity to grow as individuals, all of our international trips are an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Why Choose Projects Abroad for your next International Trip?

With every group that come away with us on one of our international trips, we understand that everyone is different. Whether you have a religious groups looking to serve in Ghana and help to renovate a school, or you have a group of Scouts looking for adventure in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, we'll work closely to organize a trip that is tailored to what you want to do.

Our approach to organizing international trips aims to not only make it as simple and straight forward as possible for leaders to organize, but to also provide every member of the group with a worthwhile experience that really benefits the community or the ecosystem that they're working in. During the planning stages, we’ll work closely with the leaders to put together a program that is suitable for everyone, and we’ll even meet with the group to give advice so that everyone is prepared and ready.

What's included?

To make sure that your group can complete your project and not have to worry about organizing too much, we provide everything that you need as standard on all of our projects. These include key points such as your food, accommodation, transport, and much more. For a full list, please see our How It Works page.

We also understand that any group trip can take a lot of planning and preparation. With that in mind, we also include the following to ensure that everything is as easy as possible and so that your group can get the most out of your international trip:

  • One free leader place for each nine individuals that join
  • Weekend trips, evening socials, and cultural activities throughout your time abroad
  • An itinerary that is tailored to your group
  • A comprehensive information pack
  • We’ll discuss any options in more details, before you’ve even signed up
  • We’ll carry out a full risk assessment  prior to your trip
  • We will support you and the group from application to departure
  • You’ll also have your own Group Coordinator to provide 24/7 assistance during the trip
  • We can give fundraising advice and inform everyone on what they should pack for their project
  • We can find flight quotes and book flight tickets for you, as well as provide advice for any visas
  • Upon arrival, our staff in country will provide a comprehensive induction and orientation
  • We can even produce a customized Reflective Journal for every group so that everyone has the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the project and destination

What have other groups done?

In recent years, many groups have planned annual trips with us, whether it’s to a new destination each time or not! For example,  the National Federation of Young Farmers, have helped on Agriculture & Community projects that are specific to their interests in countries like Ghana These projects not only allowed all those involved to put their acquired skills to work in a developing country, but it also allowed many of the individuals to make friends with those that share their same aspirations.

It doesn’t matter where your group or organization’s interests lay, we can find a project and a destination that will put your skills to use and benefit both yourselves and the community in which you are working. Whether it’s a Building Project helping to rebuild homes and classrooms in Nepal for those with an interest in construction, or a Marine Conservation Project studying and helping to preserve the unique reef habitats in Thailand for those with an interest in protecting our coastal habitats, we’ll plan a trip suited to you.

What do others have to say?

“The Projects Abroad team that looked after us were brilliant – they helped us whenever we needed it, and made us feel so welcome. This trip will forever be in our minds as it has shaped us all as people and the way in which we view the world.”

- Hannah Gray, Anglia Girlguides

“Up until our arrival, the group had worked so hard to get themselves to Ghana, from fundraising to training, they were going to make it happen! I knew they would embrace the culture and do their best to make a positive change. Venturing out of their comfort zone, it was going it be a big adventure for them which is what it is all about!

The Akuapem Hills expedition will be one that the team will never forget. It was tough, it was demanding, it was hot, but it brought the best out of the team. They stamped their mark on the happiest country in Africa and put forward the best of the RAF Air Cadets.”

- Flight Lieutenant Chris Booty RAFAC, Officer Commanding 282 (East Ham) Squadron, RAF Air Cadets

"When I take groups of Girl Guides abroad, I want to give them the opportunity to visit countries that are outside their comfort zone, and not the ones they would normally go to on family holidays. Mongolia ticked all of these boxes. The connections we had made with everyone there were tangible and so rewarding. From the very first day, our support quite literally could not have been better. Our main Projects Abroad Mongolia contact and our two other support staff, did quite literally absolutely everything they could to make our stay easy, enjoyable, stimulating and any other adjective you can think of!"

- Vicki James, Warwickshire Girlguide Group Leader

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