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Projects Abroad to Launch Eco-clubs

Eco-club No one can deny that protecting the environment can be as dry as the dust of the ever-expanding Sahara Desert. Now all that's changing with Projects Abroad. We've been working with Club4Climate and soon we'll be launching our eco-clubs - dance-clubs with a big eco-twist - around the world.

Eco-clubs can range from environmentally themed parties like Club4Climate through to full-fledged Sustainable Dance Clubs where the clubbers generate the energy which runs the club.

Projects Abroad's Head of Social Management, Faye Stickings, says "This is a fun way to promote a serious subject. We're working on agreements in Accra, Cape Town, Ulaanbaatar, Rio, Rotterdam and New York - we hope to announce the first in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space ..."

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