A Projects Abroad volunteer that learnt to dive in Thailand after taking a divemaster course on a conservation project

Thailand Diving & Marine Conservation - Divemaster Course Add-on

Make the most of your diving passion by working towards your PADI Divemaster qualification while volunteering on the Diving and Marine Conservation project in Thailand.

During the course you will be working alongside a qualified PADI instructor who will assist you during both your wet and dry class sessions. You will learn how to fine-tune your diving techniques and refine your rescue skills while developing essential dive knowledge, management and supervision abilities.

Throughout your project you will also have a personal mentor and the Projects Abroad staff assisting you. You will be encouraged to interact and make use of these support systems as you learn how to manage dive groups, conduct dive briefings, map dive sites and protect fragile marine environments.

PADI Divemasters are respected dive professionals and are aligned with the largest and most respected dive organisation in the world. This will help you, as you guide and train divers in Thailand, back in your home country or anywhere you choose to use your qualification one day.

After this program you will be ready to work in the diving industry as a divemaster, or sign up for the Instructor Development Course to further your career in scuba diving.

What costs are involved in becoming a divemaster?

Costs of the divemaster course depend on your experience and current dive certification level. The more skills and experience you already have, the bigger the discount. There are three price options listed as follows:

  • EFR and Rescue Divers with at least 40+ logged dives pay a discounted price of $770
  • Advanced Open Water Divers (or higher) with at least 30+ logged dives pay a slightly discounted price of $2,095
  • All others pay the standard price of $2,970

This is an Add-on to our Diving & Marine Conservation Project. It is not possible to do just the Divemaster course – you must also volunteer on the Diving & Marine Conservation Project and pay that programme fee too.

These prices include the divemaster ‘Crew pack’ and the required PADI courses. All required divemaster specific gear will be supplied on site, but it is recommended that you buy your own private gear if you are looking to pursue a career in diving. You will need to pay your own PADI Divemaster membership fees (about $150) separately.

Timeline for becoming a divemaster

The divemaster course can be completed in 8 weeks, depending on how many dives you have previously logged.

  • EFR and Rescue Divers with 40+ logged dives: 8 weeks
  • Advanced Open Water Divers (or higher) with 30+ logged dives: 12 weeks
  • All others: 16 weeks

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