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Language Requirements as a Volunteer Abroad

You’ve finally made the decision to volunteer or intern abroad. As your finger is about to hit the “Apply Now” button, a thought dawns on you. “Do I need to speak the language of the country I want to volunteer or intern in?”. Instead of closing your
Volunteer Teaching English in Ghana

Gain practical experience teaching English to children in the more rural areas of Ghana
Volunteer Teaching English in Argentina

Gain teaching experience while helping children improve their English conversation skills
Volunteer Teaching in Jamaica

Gain practical teaching experience and help raise literacy levels in local schools and through community programmes
Review: Childcare & Community with French High School Specials in Togo by Charlotte F

I had never been on a plane without my parents before. I hadn’t even been to Africa before and I had never been on a Projects Abroad trip or known someone that had been. But I signed up for the High School Special Childcare & Community with French in Togo after doing a lot
Volunteer Teaching in Romania

Travel to Eastern Europe and gain practical teaching experience while helping students improve their English
Volunteer Teaching in Ecuador

Live and work in the Galapagos and help disadvantaged children improve their English conversation
Review: Teaching in Togo by Katherine M

If you asked the kids at Newton School, they would tell you that I am a fun and energetic teacher. However, I would disagree with them; I am actually just one extra, slightly less pigmented, knowledge-hungry student. I have loved “teaching” at Newton School because I have lea
Review: Teaching in Mongolia by Nadia S

When I left for Mongolia in summer 2011, it was not my first experience with Projects Abroad. Indeed, I had already had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica in 2009 for a Conservation & Environment project in a national park, and a teaching project in a day centre for poor chi
What to do during retirement? Find a new purpose as a senior volunteer abroad

Retirement can be one of the most wonderful times of your life, but deciding what to do during retirement can be difficult. Many retirees choose to start a new hobby or take the time to help out with their loved ones. Others give back to the community and get involved in local pr

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