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Opportunity to travel

Volunteers have the opportunity to travel and help around the world

Volunteers and interns have many opportunities to go sightseeing during their stay in their destination of choice. You will not be at work all the time!

Generally, you have the weekends and evenings for your use and can explore the area around your workplace - alone, with other volunteers or with your host family. In many of our countries of operation, our local teams organize weekly social activities or trips at regular intervals of one or two days.

If you join for at least 12 weeks with us, you will be entitled to have two weeks of holiday as part of every 12 weeks booked. This means that you may choose not to work for two weeks out of every 12 weeks that your project lasts. We strongly prefer that this holiday is taken at the end of your placement. Volunteers often take the opportunity to discover more about their host country or travel in surrounding countries.

You also have the option of adding a week of personal travel time before or after your volunteer project duration. Of course, it is up to you how would like to arrange your personal travel time. On the registration form, we ask you to fill out how much time you would spend volunteering with us and travelling in order to provide you the correct visa forms to complete.

In all cases, our local teams can advise you on the must-see attractions, festivals not to be missed, best methods of transportation, cheap hotels, etc.

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