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Summer Volunteer Programs Abroad for Students

A group of High school students finish painting a house in Fiji during their summer volunteer program.

Projects Abroad offers various summer volunteer programs for both high school and university students in developing countries around the world. With projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the South Pacific, students can choose from volunteer opportunities in a number of fields, from Medicine & Healthcare internships to teaching abroad in disadvantaged schools. You will find there is something for every student. We can arrange projects that fit the summer schedule of any university or high school student and allow you to volunteer from anywhere between one week to two months. No matter where, when, or how you choose to volunteer, you will make an impact and have the volunteer experience of a lifetime!

Summer Volunteer Programs Abroad for High School Students

A Projects Abroad intern observes a doctor during a medical outreach during her summer program abroad in Mexico.

The number of high school students making the decision to invest in a life changing international volunteer experience is on the rise and we at Projects Abroad could not be more excited. We love what we do and are thrilled that more young people are getting involved.

Projects Abroad offers a number of dynamic and exciting opportunities for high school students. We can tailor a summer volunteer program that allows you to explore the country you have always dreamed of visiting while making a tangible difference in the local community. Our High School Specials are specially designed for students ages 16-19 and are a great option if you have a busy summer. Most High School Specials take place over two weeks and some have a longer duration at three or four weeks. If you would like to be abroad for more than four weeks, you can join a Standard Volunteer Abroad or Intern Abroad Project that allows you to volunteer for up to twelve weeks and beyond.  

Summer Volunteer Programs Abroad for University Students

University is a time for students to discover and challenge themselves, both inside and outside the classroom. Projects Abroad offers worthwhile summer volunteer programs for university students of all ages. From undergraduates to pre-med students, we have Volunteer Abroad and Intern Abroad opportunities that can support any degree. An international volunteer experience can significantly enhance a resume and can be a great tool for future employment. Contact one of our Program Advisors directly for more information.

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